Reviews: we are grateful for the kind remarks left by wonderful guests!  Thank you!

Wow i was so amazed by the choices of food and the cheap price!  13.99/adult omfg. I am from Vancouver. BC. It would cost over 30 dollar there for sure. So ppl of port angeles you r so lucky!!!!

Leo F.
Burnaby, Canada

My go to Chinese place! Only wish they had cashew chicken. That would complete the menu for me ;)

Rachelle Nicholas

Food are so good. There are all kinds of Sushi, and Mongolian are my favorite part. The environment is clean. I like it very much.

Mengjiao Guo

Excellent food! Friendly staff!

Brenda Francis-Thomas

My favorite part is the Mongolian grill, everything there is fresh and you can customize your meal.

I'm not a fan of buffets but go here since the parents love it.  (We actually love it too now) Loads of FRESH variety.  The place has ample seating so never felt crowded. TV not for me but enjoyed by others.

Tiny expensive but not really when you consider all the food options and quality. (Still would spend more on a steak dinner elsewhere... But hey! They actually have NY steak that they will grill especially for you and offers marinade options)
they serve drinks to you. (Free Hot tea for me) Alcohol is available.

Still haven't been able to indulge in the Blue bunny ice cream since I always gorge myself on the abundant entrees. Chicken skewers... Amazing. (I hate dry chicken breast meat)

Clean and friendly.

Chopsticks available.. interesting that others don't. 

Mother approved.. she's Chinese.

Yvonne P.
Everett, WA

We had a coupon and decided to give them a try.  It's your typical asian buffet with sweet and sour, stir fry, BBQ pork, crab rangoon and more!  The place is spacious and clean.  A few highlights - pho, dim sum, mongolian grill, sushi and kimchi too!  They don't have crab legs during lunch but there was still many items to choose from.  Desserts include - ice cream, pastries, pudding and fruit.

Carol H.
Auburn, WA

Great Food.  Great Price.

Jonathan S.
Dallas, TX

As I slowly chewed on my sushi roll I was hit by a wave of flavor and textures; they moved together in unison like two ballet dancers in love. I will definitely come back if not just for the the amazing sushi rolls.

Jennifer E.
Port Townsend, WA

Their food is a mix of different Asian foods, besides some American like steak.  The staff is very gracious and quick too take your dirty plates.    The variety is good, the food is tasty, and the help is wonderful...what more can you ask for?

Anne P.
Port Angeles, WA